Winning – Thoughts by Jack Welch

Last weekend, I watched a video on thoughts by #Jack Welch, on his book “#Winning “. Insights shared by the great man and admired worldwide. Men of such stature have lessons that we all must embed to build an organization which can truly become global and state of the art strategically and #operational excellence.

He speaks about building culture of candid communication across all levels!

Simple and yet most essential for building a company that is totally aligned to win. To build an environment where people are not afraid to speak their candid mind for the larger good of the company. To achieve this, it requires great effort and one must work towards building this in the work places.

I have tried to summarise some of his ideas that he talked about:-

  • The objectives of any business must be defined clearly.
  • Candour- Build it in your company.
  • You get the behaviour, you reward.
  • Take care of the top 20% people.
  • Don’t wait to tell people what you think of them, till you’re in trouble- stop the false kindness at work place.
  • Leaders have to earn trust from all corners.
  • Leaders must have a succession plan.
  • HRD man’s importance is equal to that of a CFO, if not more.
  • #Appraisal process should be as transparent as the audited balance sheet of a company.
  • Cultural fit is equally important as much as a strategic fit in a company.
  • Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.
  • Own the company you work in and don’t blame it on others.
  • #Work-life-balance, you can get it but you must earn it.
  • Leaders of today have to learn the ability to use a microscope and a telescope.
  • Create job rotation culture in a company, but set up an online test before they are moved, to ensure they have the knowledge .
  • Have small celebrations on your way to the top.
  • You constantly must reinvent yourself- change is important.
  • Manage your time when you’re a# leader, your job is to build people.
  • Identify what great people do and reward them and do so transparently.
  • Main objective of an organization is to make the company WIN .

We must try and spread these practices in our work places, these are ingredients for a company which will succeed in its goals.

Good luck with executing these principles at your work place ..?


One thought on “Winning – Thoughts by Jack Welch

  1. Rishabh Agarwal

    Hello Sir
    nice blog (after a long time) and great message, thnx for sharing it,
    I always try to analyse diff. between Indian Mfg. majors (e.g., Escorts) and western MNCs working and way of business
    At Escorts it was more like a home but system was people and paper dependent and a bit not very efficient. I always noticed that suppliers carry huge reverence for this old and great brand. The landscape and infra was huge but not very modernized.
    What I noticed in western MNCs, that, system is people neutral. Job rotation is fast. Rewards also fast and high. The older you are the higher your package and position (sometimes in Indian firms its not happen that way). These companies are merciless. They can fire you easily if the company is not performing good or you are not performing good. However there is training first, for your assignment, system is very well placed with no loose boundaries. Work orientation is high. Exposure is global in general. They even reward good performers with international assignments. Per employee turnover is way high. Safety standards are strict. They are making hell lot of profit. IT system support is high. And everything is paperless. Things are very centralized. Gender diversity is also quite high.
    I’m not sure how it goes but I worked on a 4 days working model with 10 hrs per day. Time was fully flexible. Hence you have long weekends. Also these western companies don’t even know working beyond 5 days. And employees in general take frequent but planned leaves and go for long holidays. Which I have not seen in Indian companies. HR and department heads, not support leave culture.
    Now I come back to Escorts. Its really nice to work in a company where you can feel like a home. A sense of belongingness. Escorts office landscape is better than close buildings offices. Work culture was good. Work life balance was bad because of 6 days working model.
    Its an interesting case study.
    My thoughts only sir
    Thanks and Regards


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