Who is thinking about your customers, while you’re busy at your meetings?


Untitled Who is thinking about your customers, while youre busy at your meetings?

Who is thinking about your customers, while you’re busy at your meetings ?

In life, it’s very easy to get busy for the sake of it and we must be clear about our time…. Please don’t get stuck in things that don’t serve any value to what you should be doing at your jobs and which adds no value to your customers.

I am reading a very interesting book about #Alan-Mullay, the man who turned ‘#Boeing’ around and later was asked by #Bill-Ford to join ‘#Ford-motor-company’ to turnaround ‘#Ford’

Alan, at ‘Boeing’ conducted weekly meetings and held very senior men accountable for what they needed to deliver. These meetings were based on numbers and actions that were to be taken in it’s review. He ruthlessly conducted these meetings and focused on deliverables only. He avoided political or personality issues to creep into these meetings and took side meetings on issues that required discussions.

This style served Alan Mullay to develop ‘Boeing’s most successful aeroplane 777 and also saw him pull the company through its worst losses post 9/11.

When Alan joined Ford, he noticed that there were too many meetings at the Detroit headquarters and within few weeks of his joining, he asked for all his senior managers to stop most if not all of their meetings! He advised them to have only one weekly meeting with him. Similar to what he had done at Boeing.

So, in short this blog is to convey that be in control, to organize your time. Do not create a culture of meetings, but create a culture to get closer to our customers.


28 thoughts on “Who is thinking about your customers, while you’re busy at your meetings?

      1. Mohmmad Inam

        So True Sir,
        In todays world it become a fasion having meeting for a little things or matter. Meeting-2 for nothing. It should be stop and consume the time in value able things and work.


    Sir i would like to share few words of one of my frnd…kaam kar na kar bus kaam ka fikar kar and uss fikar ka jagah jagah jikar karr….so agreed that lot of time and money being waisted on arranging meeting and enjoying parties everywhere just to fikar and jikar …recently a post in e newspaper that indicated Govt.is considering to come out with advice bank.where people will be able to post their ideas/advices for to give progress to the country..and if found good then these can be adopted by the govt for implementation..so its good idea to open same bank in every industry/corporate to get better ideas about cost cuttings and better quality and marketing of products..

  2. guptaabhinav

    Customer First philosophy should become a deeply embedded value and a driver of product and process improvements across all Escorts divisions. Let us all adhere to this and add value to our jobs.

  3. Ajit Kumar

    Very True sir.

    Every person should follow this truth “DO MORE and TALK LESS”.

    This blog should shared with all.

    I am very inspired with it.

  4. rishavh

    nice article sir
    Alan Mullay is recognized as one of the few visionary stalwarts of the US corporate world
    his credibility increases even more by reaching to this elite group as very few are from manufacturing background (barring few names L N Mittal (Arcelor Mittal)) in this list
    in contrast majority are from IT or Finance such as Larry Page (Google), Sergey Brin (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates (MS), Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway), Larry Ellison (Oracle), etc.
    And of course no list completes without the Ace leader Steve Jobs (Apple). The way he turn around the Apple is unarguably one of the most inspiring case study
    Leaders Believe in Change

  5. Shriram Tailor

    Sir it’s a very nice and inspirable article ..
    One should identify and meet the customer need through regular interaction before making any deliverable or invention .

  6. Ariel

    Dear Mr.Nikhil,
    I have been following your posts for quite some time now. Customer service is indeed an extremely comprehensive world of its own.
    I would really like to share with you my humble vision on how to dramatically improve customer service and personal relations.
    Many thanks,

  7. Anil Pillai

    Dear Nikhil, I recently stumbled upon your blogs and read this one.Well written posts,Very interesting premise. I have a point though. Indian managers fall into a few archetypes when it comes to customer centricity and this I say from years of experience.One, the kind who theorize and do nothing, believe in the status quo and hope the problem resolves itself and then there is another type who confuse activity with action.
    Meetings after meetings, Csat surveys after surveys are done, but has this made the organization more customer centric? Do we really know what our customer is thinking, why she will chose our competitor over us? Is our customer experience powerful enough to be a differentiator? Are profits up because we became more customer centric and we have a signature customer experience? Doubt so.This is what needs to change.
    Leaders need to seek and demand this change, the bar has to be raised.Is the leadership ready?

    Also on a similar note,perhaps this post may interest you https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140813091749-1301553-6-learnings-customer-attrition

  8. satish chand gupta

    Its true in almost 100% cases but we should also avoid to make organizations person centric . i have seen in many organizations where growth rate is very high but culture diminishes. but no doubt its a 100% success formula for growth , and this kind of culture should come in the whole system of a company .

  9. her explanation

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