When at work, be at work!

Focus is important at work. Just like a pilot boarding the cockpit knows his final destination, likewise we must know our end destination, both at work and in our personal life.

Do you know where you are heading?

If not, then stop and introspect before you walk any further.

Insecure people bring egos to work and the secure bring the right focus in meeting the business objectives.

At #Escorts Ltd, we encourage a collaborative environment in the top team and while good ego may be good in terms of confidence in one’s ability but it should not be at the cost of lowering somebody else’s esteem!

I am writing this blog coz I find that a lot of us at business use our emotions as a lens or a parameter for deciding if we are comfortable working with another team member.

My question to them is – Is this what the #shareholders are paying you for? Are these business decisions or personal ones? Are we focused on what we are here to do? Focus… Focus… Focus and shed your insecurities, ego and do the real work.

Having insecurities is a reflection of lack of faith in one self. Lack of #trust on others is a reflection of lack of trust on our own self. What you portray to the outside world is a reflection of how you see yourself. So it’s important that not only we reflect the correct perspective of our real abilities but also help others to realize theirs.

A real example, just because we ask some hard questions on how it could be done better is not a reflection on our lack of trust on the person’s ability to do the job. The question being asked to the person is to help assess on how we can make it better on a continuous manner, as taught by the #Japanese – every day improvement. But in many cases the person would take these questions personally and unnecessarily think that these questions point out the lack of confidence on them.

If someone at work gives you a constructive #criticism, it’s for the good of you and the company and not a reflection on any lack of faith in ones abilities! So be thankful and not critical about these ideas that will help you.

Go and shed your #insecurities and be at work when at work!!!

One thought on “When at work, be at work!

  1. Rishabh Agarwal

    Hello Sir
    Rightly said
    1. Some where I read recently that in case of Formula race drivers, wherever they look their car follow the same path. That’s why they always look at the road ahead and never at sides. That is the power of Focus.
    2. There is a famous quote, “you are what you show”. Someone asked what is being taught at IIMs making its students entrepreneurs, etc. Reply was it is not what being taught but it is the brand which attracts that kind, and they try their best through hard work to reach there. It actually applies for any good institute of excellence.
    But for anyone listening to your true calling at early stages is quite lucky.
    Thank you sir for this nice blog post
    Best Regards


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