We Are Emerging! Be a part of this Change

As it’s said, age is just a matter of mind.

Anybody is as old or young as his mindset and attitude. This is also true for an organization, as it is run by people. It’s pace of change or outlook is based on its human mindset and thus it’s an opportunity for the set-up to bring in the best human talent and innovative thinking as an immense ability to bring about a transformation change in its operation and its emergence as a thought leader.

Today’s #Escorts is young, vibrant and hungry to tap into the future trends that will bring about a disruptive change in the future ways of doing businesses. This shall create a social, economic and a technology differential to all those whom we serve as a company and will develop the nation at large. Creating this new powerful and disruptive ecosystem is not just a goal but a necessity to bring about the next horizon of change and #design thinking. Escorts will create products & patterns that will reflect the character of differentiation. While others may invest in building their capacities, we will invest on our soft core of innovation and design thinking which will build our capacity to create products that will reflect and resonate the sense of the future with evolved technology and intelligence.

In the next two years, Escorts engineers will showcase one such platform, which I believe will be the first, the world will attempt!!

Today I am writing this blog to invite all who aspire for change and have the ability to think for the future.  Escorts today welcomes all hungry minds with imagination, minds which have the courage to redefine the future farming, future infrastructure and railway mobility solutions. The minds that will change mundane patterns to evolved thinking to strengthen the nation and bring in the flair of innovation to disrupt technology and solutions for #transformational progress and development, the world needs. Today as a Managing Director,  I invite you all to share your ideas that have a reflection of the futuristic thinking. Write to me at Nikhil.Nanda@escorts.co.in.

Escorts believes in partnerships and we want to work for the future with game changers like you to create a future, built on imagination and innovation.

Let’s do it together!

Be a part of this change. The Emergence!

God Bless!

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