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It is said what you focus on, grows and thus it’s important to know what we focus on each day in our life! We undermine the ability of focus and it’s translation to thoughts and actions that come along to be manifested to our goals of focus! The power of the mind indeed can be very inspiring….

In life, I’ve always believed in focusing on the larger good of society, as the term goes in the business world, the purpose of ‘why’ you exist? An answer we all must have, since this is what creates the real momentum and compelling reason across organisations is to do an extraordinary work each day of our life.

This focus has remained at Escorts since its inception, to create the foundation for me and others to be part of, to create an impact for our farming community/infrastructure and our railway verticals. Ten years back my answer to what brings this momentum is the focus that I spoke about, which shall never change and shall last beyond my life time. When #Escorts share in 2013 was 50 to today at 600, the focus/impression of the outside world may change towards the company but our focus still remains the same. Honestly speaking, I am quite uncomfortable with the spotlight that the world seeks, I am quite the opposite and stay away from it. The only reason for this is that I am happy with the focus/the spotlight towards the reason that brings us to this world….

Getting back on the purpose that becomes our goal post is to help the world produce enough food by 2050 to feed 9.5 billion people. This would mean 70%more food that we need to produce with all the challenges of climatic change, thus the responsibility on us to think about smarter technology towards farm precision and methods that will realise this goal into reality….

The reason I write this blog is to remind us all about the larger purpose that we live by each day of our life and thus to remind ourselves not to get distracted with share prices etc. I am a great believer of #Bhagwad GITA and as #Lord Krishna says, to focus on your aim and not get distracted by the fruits that hang around the tree! 

At the end, my advice is to find our larger purpose and build a discipline to create a focus around it!  Spotlight on your focus and not on you… Keep moving and you will achieve it..

God Bless!!

3 thoughts on “The Spotlight

  1. Vishal Dave

    So beautiful writing and Humble thoughts by your Goodself Nikhil Nanda Sir. Bow down out of Immense Respect for you Sir.
    Very Inspiring.


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