The Real Growth in One’s Life

Long time ago someone once mentioned to me, “Nikhil, the real #growth in personal life gets tested when you are parenting your child and simultaneously taking care of ill health of a parent”.

My #mother  who has always been the most positive person that I have ever met in life, indeed has gone through a lot in these past four years.Two deadly #cancers with combination of many infections that led her once to a multi-organ failure and got her on a life support at ICU for two weeks. The #Sloan Kettering Institute at New York is surprised to see that she walked out of their hospital alive and today has become one of their medical case study. 

Yet today whenever I meet her, not once do I see her complain about anything! Not once in these past four years, have I heard her say that she is scared of losing her life… She is still full of life, dresses up everyday as if she is going out for a family outing. Yet every evening when I visit her after work, I feel I am sitting across the energy of a sun, shining away with positivity.

Why am I writing about this ??

Have anyone of us in the recent past few weeks complained anything about life? Sometimes, it may seem like the end of the world…

But, is it really ??

I am writing this coz, we all find reasons to fight or reasons to be upset or reasons to feel negative. The choices of our feelings are really made by us in life!

People influence our thinking, be it at work or in personal life but truly it is on us to decide its direction. The spirit and energy in a person is the most important  factor in one’s life.

In yesterday’s #Economic Times newspaper, I read an interview of a man who I dearly admire – Mr. Elon Musk. In the interview,  it mentions that when he migrated to #Canada, he was barely able to make his ends meet. But when he moved to the U.S. he came with a mindset to become one of the largest entrepreneur and today #TeslaMotors and #SpaceX (the two companies that he started, if you have the time, read about these companies) has made him one of the richest and most successful #businessmen.

In business, it’s all about passion, positivity and believing it from within !! What you think in your mind, you become it.

In the nutshell we all grow in life but options of maturity and positivity are left to us, my mother who defied the cancer institute and Mr. #ElonMusk for becoming the man he came to become.

So the real growth in life is what you choose to grow in your mind!! 

Good luck and seed your thought carefully!


5 thoughts on “The Real Growth in One’s Life

  1. Arvind Kumar Sharma

    I am a great fan of organization “ESCORTS”. The organization provides life & career of thousands its a great achievement of Nanda’s.

  2. Anjana (kukki Malhotra)

    This is one on the most inspirational tribute to a ever smiling ever giving Ms. Ritu Nanda. Lessons in it for all of us complaining and stressing about minor issues. A note I would like to add Nikhil that there is not a soul whose life your mother has touched in whatever way , who have not prayed for her. recovery.
    P.S. You remain the soft sensitive child I met in the company of your sister and Manu.
    love and strength always


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