The New World, That Awaits Us…..

blog banner1 The New World, That Awaits Us.....

The volatility of disruptive changes around us requires very different & unique set of skills. Today’s innovative changes around requires us to think alternatively about them and forces us all to ask a question – Are we spending enough time to re-invent our business model?
While we think about it, we must ensure that the objective and the purpose of our organisational existence remains unchanged. As the purpose never change, the strategy and tactics may surely do.

In the next two to three years I too plan to spend more time in building & reinventing around our core expertise and finding newer & disruptive innovative ways to create extraordinary shareholder value and ROI (Return on equity) and move the day to day management and operations to the team. Because if we don’t push ourselves to the blue ocean thinking, we will be swayed out of our current market position. The technology and newer trends are forcing many companies to adopt core innovation to give exceptional user experience which we have never seen before.

I recently watched a YouTube video and heard a graduate student from Harvard business conveying that all his learnings will be irrelevant in the next four to five years! He went ahead to say ” we need to learn more on how to think instead on what to think!” All graduates across the world don’t know about the skills they will need for the future!

How to think in today’s world requires us to shift away from daily routine and tap into possibilities of an imaginative solution. This is extremely exciting and imperative for us to explore the power of imagination and walk the way to think differently and futuristic. In the words of Einstein, ” the greatest invention of all times is – Imagination!”. Imagination is looking into to the future and ask ourselves not ‘why?’ but “Why Not?” as only those who can question the current will have the power to shape the future of possibilities.

I recently purchased an Amazon product called the #Alexa, #JeffBezos’s innovation around artificial intelligence! Look it up on YouTube and see for yourself, this is your companion to respond to all your requests on music and news etc.

#TeslaMotors , #ElonMusk another disrupter has created a new position around electric cars! Incredible technology which now moves towards Autonomous technology.. if airplanes can fly on auto pilot then why not cars? Robots too are not far away from our lives! I first heard about this in my trip to Japan at the STS forum and was amazed to see the technology around robots.

Again it’s a matter of time that we all will get to live and love Robots as we love our pets!
The future that awaits us is very different to what we see today, it’s incredibly exciting and thus requires us all to think about it!

I felt like talking about the it today what I can call as the futuristic present to shape the disruptive tomorrow. I welcome you all to Escorts to experience the power of innovation and also to adopt disruption in your own companies and make the most of it…

Good luck and God bless! I am really excited…..

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