It’s incredible to see the innovative thinking in today’s world, the kind of ideas that are creating solutions across all levels. I am deeply excited to be part of this change, because this will shape our future and will push the envelope to think laterally.

I was invited at a Global Summit, which was organized by the #Times Of India group. A very well organized event that had speakers from across the word. In this seminar the CEO of McKinsey revealed a very interesting data point that companies in the early fifties had an average life- span of 80 years vis-a-vis today’s companies’ average of 8 years.

The writing is on the wall, that #innovative disruption is putting companies out of business. Unless and until companies create a culture within its eco-system to challenge its business model encouraging them to re-think on the next big idea, someone else will and put their growth plans in serious jeopardy or out of business.

I believe that a job of a senior executives in today’s environment is to continuously think about a disruptive tool that can have the competition wondering! For me, this is the real battle to win………..

To prepare for the future, we have to change the way we look at things till we get the winning idea that can change the world. This format of thinking is very different from usual performance reviews (which too are important), but the platforms for both should be disruptively different.

I see a young India that is staring back at the world, with newer business solutions, not to mention that we already see great Indian minds in some of the top mgmt. of companies like #Google and #Microsoft (proud to see them there). Similarly, we need to tap into this young and intuitive minds of Gen Y to help us to see a world that is so promising for its #consumers, #shareholders and all its #partners.

I write this blog today, because this is the energy with which I come to work at Escorts and I know we are already working on ideas that will change our world for a better one. I want to spread this thought to others and have them think on similar lines to bring about a transformational impact. We need many such people and many companies.

If anyone reading this blog has any idea that they want to share with me around the business we do at Escorts, then please feel free to write to me at nikhil.nanda@escorts


  1. Rishabh Agarwal

    Dear Nikhil Sir,
    Well said. Innovation is the key. It’s rapidly changing business external environment which is providing challenging opportunities.
    I understand the fellow entrepreneurs have identified the Blue Ocean businesses in lieu of Technological Breakthroughs. Such as location based services such as cabs, etc. or e commerce, etc.. They are collaborating data thru apps and converting them into some business opportunity.
    I recall here, when I was in school I used to think that there can be no new AMBANI. I was skeptical. I was of the firm view that when Dheerubhai was alive it was fairly easy to become a business tycoon.
    Now I realize I was wrong. We all get sometime in our lives the opportunity to make a change. And it comes with a Caveat or Risk. The road which one chooses that moment defines his Days ahead.
    I’ll try to brainstorm and shall contribute if strike with something relevant.
    Kind Regards
    Rishabh Agarwal


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