People Are Responsible For People

“People are responsible for People”

This was one of the lines Ms. #Vinita-Bali (the ex MD of #Britannia) used when she came to give a talk to our top management team at #EscortsLimited last week. Her talk was most enjoyable and gave everyone a very interesting insight of a #FMCG company.

%name People Are Responsible For People

Team Escorts with Ms. Vinita Bali

People are responsible for people’s experiences. I feel this statement is true to all of us at work or in our personal lives. We are responsible for the way we feel and the way we make others feel.

Yesterday, I had a town hall meeting with 30 of our young and bright minds. At the start of the meeting, I insisted that everyone call me by my first name. At first there was a bit of a reluctance but then people got comfortable to say #Nikhil ….. I may be the #Managing Director of the company, which means that I carry the foremost responsibility of reminding everyone in the company about the importance of serving our customers. The reason I ask everyone to call me by my first name is because I want people to get comfortable and speak their minds as openly as they can and most importantly if they want to give any superior status and respect to any position, then in my mind it has to be the customer we serve!

%name People Are Responsible For People

Young and bright Escortians at Townhall meeting

In my town hall meeting, a traditionalist view would be that ” Nikhil, you were with the second line, which is the bottom end of an organised structure.” For me the first or the second line of managers in a company are the real muscle of any company/body , because they have the cockpit view to the real world. The further you are from the real world, the farther you are in your journey to being the most efficient company.

I had fun in my interactions with them and more so because I am doing what I enjoy doing , which is to flatten our organised structure and break all silos and create a culture where everyone in our company calls everyone by their first name and outside our company, everyone calls our customers by their last name. I am a man who wants to build our culture and our structure around our customers and around creating a technology for tomorrow.

In our Q&A session today, someone asked me “Nikhil, in your recent interview with Hindu business line , you mentioned that #Escorts-Group is planning to exit 800 people. This remark has caused a bit of anxiety amongst us” I explained that 300 out of 500 are the blue collars (who will be exited through VRS) and the rest are the white collars, especially who are non performers (we are looking at the bell curve)

My advice to people reading such articles is……Don’t bother !!! Don’t bother because you are the ones who fit into the category of people who feel their own strength… People who are doubtful of their contribution are doubtful of their sincerity of what they do at work. My advice to all the people working at Escorts or outside is that, “Be so good at your work, that instead of you being worried about being asked to leave, let that worry be of that of a company to not lose you. Because you are so brilliant at your work and the company depends on your contributions !”

So it’s your decision if you want to be on the list of most wanted and high performers…or on the list of who decides to be on the opposite side.

At the end, all I say is that …….What we do rubs off on other people and we should not underestimate our ability of knowing that #people-are-responsible-for-people. And that if we want, we can change everything around us in a good way.. You all have it inside you to be the leader that you are from within!

Next time please don’t hesitate to call me Nikhil, after all I am here to bring the best out of you and serve along your side to the people who pay our salary……..Our customers!

God bless!


15 thoughts on “People Are Responsible For People

  1. Rishabh Agarwal

    Very touching

    Hard to find any parallel example like this blog

    Lots of HBR case studies we went through at IIM-C

    With details on thought leadership of many known figures

    There is lot to learn from you Sir

    Rishabh Agarwal

  2. nikhilnanda

    Thank You Amit, Rishabh and Vikas for believing in us and yourselves. Your thoughts justify that “One move can start a movement”. Keep spreading the same spirit to people around you.

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