My Mother, My Teacher

Sitting in New York, by my mother’s bed side, who is undergoing a treatment for #cancer, I was reading #New York Times which carried a very interesting article about India, in which it talked about a poor family daughter, against the old tradition, travelled from Orissa to Bangalore to work in a BPO, breaking out to a  journey of success…

It made me feel proud reading such India stories… as its seldom we read such positive stories and courage fighting the odds.

My mother, who fights her relapse from cancer, seems to have the most positive attitude, like the Orissa girl. Spending time with my mom and talking to her, makes me wonder about her #positivity and more so about the source where she gets it from. For her, it’s the third cancer relapse with days and nights in hospitals with cocktails of chemotherapy, something no one looks forward to. Yet my mother has abilities to surprise her nurse everyday with her red lipstick and a smiling face to welcome her and me on our morning visits to the hospital.

The world seems to chase all the other things…

My mother has taught me a lot in life. The aspect of her positivity and courage energizing her surroundings with full of life attitude is indeed a spectacular quality in her. No one can ever imagine that you are with a person fighting cancer. Seeing her, I wonder, fighting cancer is harder or fighting negativity, which the entire world seems to be captivated under.

Also reading the #Orissa story, was a dual lesson for me that day – on how we choose to live! The outcome of a life that appears impossible to live for someone can change merely with a positive and a wilful thought.

That evening, I was flying back to India. My mother looked at me and asked very sweetly – when will I come back to visit her again?

Before I could say anything, she said that she understands my work responsibilities and personal commitments to my kids who may want my time. It was subtle yet very emotional way for her to be positive about my sooner return. My eyes were wet leaving my mother so far away, which was indeed not easy.

Today I am writing this as a son to share my emotions about her and express her attitude which can be a lesson to all of us.

She taught me to take everyone’s blessings in life, whomsoever I came in contact with irrespective of position or stature. Today, I ask for your blessings and prayers for my mother as she says, true blessings come from those who genuinely want to give it from their hearts.

Life at the end is about love and blessings. Also I seek your forgiveness if I have unintentionally let you down at any point.

This blog is a son’s feelings for her mother and to remind all of us that positivity is not outside us but within us. It takes courage to bring it out.

My Mother My Teacher – today teaches us all about positivity. Let’s spread it!

Let’s make it a happier world.



3 thoughts on “My Mother, My Teacher

  1. Charu Maini

    Dear Nikhil, its truly amazing to see your mother being positive during such difficult times. Wishing her speedy recovery and health.

  2. kuldeep Bhardwaj

    As your mother says, true blessings come from those who genuinely want to give it from their hearts.

    I pray to god for the mother…………She get well soon

    Sansar ka sabse bada SATHI or sabse bada GURU MAA hi hoti hai, agar aapke vichar MAA ke liye MAA jaise hai

  3. Rajiv Kumar

    My sincere prayers for her recovery. The emotions in the write up can be felt by everyone as everyone has mother and who remains the most important creation of God for everyone. May God help her with strength to recover fast. Good wishes for you and all in family.


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