Making 2014 into a Super Year

new year 2015 facebook cover pics 5 Making 2014 into a Super Year

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and May this year be all what you wish it to be.

I am writing this blog on my flight back from #Phuket (Thailand), a relaxing time with the family and also a time where I got time to reflect on my life’s journey so far (I have a long way to go still and I am looking forward to it).

From all the wishes that I received on my SMS, I found one of the messages very insightful and I wish to share it with you all. And the message read as “ We wish you all the best in life and for that you must offer your best self to the world and we wish you all the happiness in the world and for that you must approach life from a happy state”

If we think of this message for a moment, “offer your best self to the world and operate from a state of happiness” , it really get us to focus on things that can truly help us to make our days, our weeks, our months and our years a happy one. Because we take the most important thing in our control, which is our mental thoughts and us. I don’t think when they refer to “offer your best self to the world” that they meant it from the point of view of materialism. But more so from how we feel from the inside (our feelings, our thoughts and our internal conversations). On a different note, when #Steve-Jobs was asked “why do you spend so much time wanting the #Apple products to look as good from the inside, when the customer really don’t get to see it.  And his response, is what always made him different from the rest of them “ Because we are seeing it and it better look as good as it does from the outside” . I think of this statement as a very telling statement and we can apply this in our daily life, the outside is our world, our body, our work life, our social life and the inside is our mental state, our feeling, our thoughts and what’s visible to us.

If we want to be happy and successful in the real world, we first must feel of it in our minds ! I know some of you may say, that” I don’t feel the sense of success and therefore how can I feel something, when in real life I feel the opposite?” It’s a fair remark and my advice to all, who say this is that, everything first starts in our mind and if we don’t manifest positive thoughts, if we don’t visualize it , we will never realize them. So as much as we go through our daily pressures of life, we must manifest successful thoughts and trust me, one day you will realize them, no matter what others may think of it.

Have you read or seen the video called  “#the-secret’”, see it if you have not already.

I read this today “Turn your wounds into wisdom”

So we should work like Steve Jobs did with Apple products, work from the inside and the outside will automatically start to look good, when you start to feel good from the inside.

So in short, I wish you all the very best in life and ask you to offer your best self to the world and I wish you all the happiness in life and ask you to operate from the state of happiness.

May God bless you and may he shower his entire blessing at you.

Making #2014 into a super year, is in our hands and so lets make it into one.

8 thoughts on “Making 2014 into a Super Year

  1. Saket Raushan

    Happy New Year…Hope ur this year will give u a lot more success…and sir give me some advice to be a good entrepreneur….

  2. Saket Raushan

    Hello sir, i’m a big fan of u……my request to u to give some ideas and experience to be a successful entrepreneur and what ur your basic strategy to manage a huge escorts…waiting for ur rply…happy New year…:)

  3. Anand

    Internal happiness is the only true longlasting motivator for self and has the potential of propelling organisations.Generating internal happiness can be made a habit merely by changing your own paradigm towards life.
    I fully agree with Mr Nikhil.

  4. Charu Maini

    Wishing you a super 2014 Nikhil! Fully agree with the philosophy outlined here…have read “The Secret” a couple of times and experienced it first hand!

  5. next

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