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“Passion” could well be Nikhil Nanda’s middle name! Born in the illustrious Nanda family, he was blessed with an enviable lineage – grandfathers Mr. HP Nanda, founder of Escorts Limited and one of India’s most respected business leaders, and Mr. Raj Kapoor, the legendary filmmaker. Today, as the Managing Director of the company, Nikhil has shown impeccable desire and spirit to take the Escorts legacy forward.

Young and highly ambitious, Nikhil is designing Escorts’ transformational journey from being a product company to becoming a technology-driven brand that creates customer-centric solutions to add value to customers’ lives. Under his dynamic leadership, the company has introduced a series of innovative products and solutions that demonstrate excellence in manufacturing quality, market know- how and response to customer needs.

Nikhil believes an organisation’s success depends on its ability to foresee a future that is revolutionary and sets new rules of the game. In the last few years, Escorts has forged several business strengthening collaborations with global technology majors, with the focus on ‘bringing the world’s best to India and taking India’s best to the world’. These alliances are leading to creation of products and solutions that can bring about a paradigm shift in the way we think or do things.

A strong advocate of driving change through empowerment and collaboration, Nikhil is a people’s person who believes in surrounding himself with exceptional leaders and taking collective decisions in the interest of the organisation. He has played a stellar role in leveraging Escorts’ inherent capabilities to strengthen its position as a company dedicated to frugal engineering excellence, and put pioneering cutting-edge products in the marketplace.

Nikhil is relentlessly committed to deepening relationships with Escorts’ customers and responding to a fast-changing marketplace with strategic flexibility. With him leading the way, the company is today delivering a refreshing new experience to its stakeholders.

What excites Nikhil most are the opportunities and prospects that Escorts can deliver for the “New India” it has envisioned. He is committed to steering Escorts to be a partner in India’s growth story and become a blue chip company again.

Born in March 1974, Nikhil Nanda is an alumnus of Wharton Business School, Philadelphia. Having graduated in Business Administration in 1995, he majored in Management and Marketing, before undergoing professional training with JC Bamford Excavators Ltd., U.K.

Education & Career

Nikhil joined Escorts as Director, Business Development, of Escorts Yamaha Motor Ltd. (EYML) in 1998. In 2007, he assumed the position of Joint Managing Director of Escorts Limited, and in September 2013, he was appointed as the Managing Director of the company.

Nikhil was among the five Indians selected as the Global Leaders of Tomorrow for the year 2001, by the World Economic Forum, Geneva. He is a member of Indo American Chambers of Commerce, high-level strategic group constituted by All India Management Association, Young India Committee of CII, and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

Escorts Group, one of India’s leading engineering companies, is a partner of choice for farming and construction equipment in the country. For seven decades, Escorts has helped accelerate India’s socio-economic growth through its presence across high-growth sectors of agri machinery, construction and material handling equipment, railway equipment and auto component. Powered by an in-house research and development centre and collaborations with global technology leaders, Escorts is committed to contributing towards India’s growth story and bringing in quality change in the lives of people.

About Escorts Limited

Driving growth through innovation is the cornerstone of the company’s strategy. Escorts has been a harbinger of new and market relevant technology and has introduced several products and services that have helped take the country forward in key growth areas. Following the globally accepted best manufacturing practices with relentless focus on research and development, Escorts has, over the years, developed products that are technologically sound


Know more about me!

What, according to you, is the most important decision you have made as a leader of this organization?

When I joined Escorts, I was very sure of one thing – Escorts will not be about Nikhil Nanda and the decisions he makes; rather, it will be about the “people” it has and the decisions “they” make collectively. I am someone who feels insecure if I am not surrounded by good leaders around me. Today, I am very proud of the choices I have made in bringing exceptional leaders into this organization. They are the ones driving this company and scripting a new future.

Good people thrive on great opportunities and challenges. As a leader, I believe I am setting the rightgoals in creating value for our customers, by introducing innovative products and solutions that can help them lead better lives. These goals and challenges are inspiring my people to dream big, set higher benchmarks, and unleash their potential. This is, perhaps, my greatest achievement as a decision-maker.


What are the things that excite and energize you about your work here?

I am terrifically excited about the opportunities and prospects that Escorts can deliver for the “New India” we have envisioned. We have a conviction that Escorts will be a partner in India’s growth story and will become a blue chip company again. What can be more energizing than this very belief!


What is the one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

For me, a true leader issomeone who has the inherent ability to foresee a future that is revolutionary and sets new rules of the game. This future is capable of bringing about a paradigm shift in the way we think or do things. For example, Steve Jobs was a leader who envisioned a revolutionary future and went on to redefine excellence. His foresight was the ultimate game changer for Apple.

When it comes to the agri sector, to me, tractors are the ‘been there, done that’ of farm mechanization. The future is crop solutions; centering our services on crops will be a revolution I foresee. Crop Solutions will be the ‘iCloud’ of agricultural transformation.


For you, which businessmen classify as great leaders?

Mr. HP Nanda, JRD Tata, Azim Premji, and Narayan Murthy from India; Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the international business leaders I look up to.

My Favourites:

My Favourite Author: Jim Collins

My Favourite Book: Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

My Favourite Food: Chinese and North Indian

My Favourite Holiday Destination: Phuket, Thailand

My Favourite Gadget: iPhone

My Favourite App: Whatsapp

My Favourite Music: Lounge

My Favourite Movie: Notting Hill, Shri 420 and Aawara

My Favourite Actor/Actress: Raj Kapoor, Al Pacino, Julia Roberts

My Favourite Sport: Cricket, Badminton

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  1. shashikant baranga

    That would be WOW-feeling when media finds INDIAN INNOVATION to be after a gap of century in everybody’s Bicycle and it also suits pedal Rickshaws.
    This Innovations reduces Stress nearly to half, in common single speed bicycle and Rickshaws.
    India can make a big splash in Media. To-market-time ( 3 months ) & resource, both are really small.
    best regards
    shashi kant baranga ( Ex Escorts – MSD )


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