If you are the MD for a day, what would you do?

MD If you are the MD for a day, what would you do?

In our normal day to day life, we have conversations about things that we wish to change around us. Be it matters of policy or priority that gets missed and become issues of concern and drag us from progress we wish to see. Similarly in the corporate world, we have similar issues and opinions about things that we want to change or suggest ideas that can improve our work environment and efficiency.

I believe that a leader’s job is to truly develop more leaders and empower them to bring their best for the company and for the society. At #Escorts Limited, there is a huge transformational drive that is taking place across all verticals, we are on our way back to becoming a blue chip company.

To accelerate this change among many others initiative which we have already taken, we are working on yet another exciting idea. The idea is that we will invite (there will be a filter and a process to qualify) young people from both the external and internal world to come and get a feel of being a #ManagingDirector of Escorts for a day. The program will first start internally within the organisation and then will be extended to external platform.

They will spend one day with me and suggest ideas to bring about a transformational impact in the way we work. These transformational ideas if we both believe are indeed ideas worth implanting, then I won’t hesitate and implement them in our company.

Why I want to do this?

I wish to do this, because I want to surround myself and the company with great thought leaders and energize our company with ideas which can make a huge difference to all who we serve. Also to signal to the world that we are open to new ideas and that we want to improve.

Our internal team is working on structuring this program and we will shortly announce it internally to begin with. I will give participants an experience and a sense of the responsibility of a #MD that comes with the position!

I look forward to people participating in this initiative and help Escorts and the industry with some great #thought-leadership initiative. I strongly believe that you should become the change that you wish to see around the company and the world!

I look forward to spending this day with the participants and help bring greater days to all, who we impact in our life.

God bless!

15 thoughts on “If you are the MD for a day, what would you do?

  1. Rishabh Agarwal

    Hello Sir
    Quite an interesting and audacious experiment
    Just got recall, there was line in end of the movie spiderman, “great power brings great responsibility”
    Heading an organization is something similar
    With Regards

  2. love kumar singh


    This is very great innitiative. Anyone can express their views in front of you.
    This will help to implement greatest thought in comapny, which comes from the session.

    True Escortians

  3. Rukmanand Goenka

    Its a great idea to know and challenge status quo in the organisation and improve it on continuous basis.

  4. Monish Ahuja

    It’s a great idea & concept. The key to executive position is decision making- either Yes or No.
    Even ‘No’ is a decision which ensures work progresses as then people start thinking in another direction.

    What is maybe required is to put a process for tapping new business ideas and starting with new businesses for diversified portfolio.

  5. s p pandey

    Wonderful thought this will evolve enormous energy in constructive thought some may be executable. I will volunteer for it soon.
    With Warm Regards

  6. sanket

    sir ,
    if I would be MD for a day,
    1. I will make scrap store under finance department in which without signing authority nothing should go in scrap and will make every department head will answerable for their scraps and should get punch under their department head. Budget also will provided as per department Wise and last scrap done under their heads will be deductible from their next budget.
    No scrap will allow before acceptance and reason based approval by Finance head.

    2. Pre dispatch Inspection (PDI)area should be on production line so that pressure of giving 1st time right product . and will monitor which stage and person working on that line and will awarded him so other can be motivated.

    3.Will try to eliminate stores as company should be production company not storage company and will transfer outside warehouse .By this only kit part inward will allow as per plan given by planning department.
    4.will start to identify best employee of the department so that motivation should be there.

    This is above for all.

  7. sudheer singh

    Hi Mr. Nanda,

    if I get chance , I will work at below 5 topics.
    1. Young talent within company
    2. Training and development.
    3. Work on employee and customer satisfaction.
    4. New technology.
    5. Focus on competitor and market trend.


  8. satish chand gupta

    Dear Mr. Nanda

    This is a good initiative and one way of understanding the mindsets of people.
    but to whom you are calling personally for reviewing their ideas must be a close room activity, otherwise senior management may also get frustrated with them.

    This activity always gives positive results .
    AAP has become a leading political party with this drive .

    All these drives are always useful whether issue are : cost cutting, new products introduction, new business vertical etc.

    Congratulations and Best of luck



  9. abhay kapoor

    Dear Sir,
    Great Thought, It will surely help Escorts in getting the knowledge, skills, strategy and wisdom , which some people may have and they can make a difference with this rare opportunity.
    With Best of Wishes
    abhay kapoor

  10. vinod kumar

    Dear sir,
    This initative has a good activitity to inhance the CREATIVE ideas from anyone. Any one can express their ideas from root.


  11. sukhpreet brar

    Dear sir,

    I would like to have business case for relounching (rajdoot bikes) in moden style bykes . As rajdoot name still lives in the hart of customers but they are missing it.
    Relounching of rajdoot will also explore EAP business 10 times .



    Hi Mr Nikhil Nanda,

    A revolutionary idea sirji ! This will truly impart employee participation

    in management. It will make employees responsible thinkers and will

    have a great platform to present their vision and plan for our company.

    Normally an employee only looks after his department and makes plans

    but in this initiative he will understand how is his idea or plan is looked

    upon by all departments in the company and will transform his thinking

    from being limited to his department to a holistic view when looked at

    from the entire Companys perspective hence he will become more mature.

    I wish you and all at escorts team a overwhelming response to this new

    way of thinking.

    I have no doubt with such good initiatives and breakthrough products

    like antilift Tractors launched few months back our company will soon

    regain its respectable position in the industry and the marketplace a

    Bluechip company!

    best wishes,

    CA Sameer Deshpande.

  13. sunny

    Hire good brains in design engineering & process engineering in all units, materials and supplier quality should be centralized to achieve the best leverage and It will reduce the overall requirement of manpower also. Shuffle the people from current role to different role on lower level also, may be every 3 year.

  14. Saran

    1) Project Management knowledge to all the personnel!
    2) See that the aim and goals of the Company are know to all key stakeholders of the Company!
    3) Make sure that the Short term goals/plans are not harping the Long term goals/plans of the Company!
    4) Evaluate all types of risks as an outsider or someone who is speculating on why to or why not to buy the Company stock!


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