H P Nanda, 100 Years, A Century of Excellence!

H P NAnda H P Nanda, 100 Years, A Century of Excellence!


Dream so big that it always excites you to go through all the troubles and challenges of life!

No challenges or troubles have ever come in the way of such visionary leaders since their interest been to help and create wealth for society at large.

HP Nanda like many leaders of his generation have been men of steel.  Their passion for nation building and deep resilience for creating a platform (ie their companies) have become society’s tool for creation of exceptional wealth/value for themselves and others.

These dreams have shaped the platform that we all are a part of today.

Escorts was also born with such a dream, to serve the larger interest of Rural India. HP Nanda was a man, a refugee who came to free India with such a dream and as a true patriot to be part of building the country.  Men of his generation had something that make them truly apart from others with their complete belief on their mission and their commitment which becomes their fuel to drive themselves to their goals.

We at Escorts are reliving the days of such dreams and beliefs to create once again historic moments for our society and for ourselves because,  we have done this once before and we shall do this again.  By living and thinking like the founder did, is  the true way to pay our deepest respect and tribute to him.

H.P Nanda on the 9th of January 2017, would turn 100 years and when we thought of how to celebrate this grand day, we chose by getting our team together and plan for vision 2025. To honour him is to live and think the way our founder did. I am extremely excited about the vision 2020 – 2025, which is very close to be launched as a clear cut milestone of delivery on a yearly basis. I want to wish my team and our partners good luck on a journey which I find truly exciting and welcome you all once again to be part of creating history again!

As a process of wanting to spread  H.P Nanda ’s grand vision, values, his deep conviction/belief on his goals to all our partners and internally & externally was a challenge. We were very determined that celebration must be deep rooted and a reminder about the clay we are made off.  Also to reflect that for our vision 2025 , we have the courage to wear the lens of Mr. HP Nanda. His lens had all the sight on reasons and ideas that would make these beliefs into a reality.

To help spread the values of Escorts on the founder’s 100th birthday , I went for an advice to my father in law  (Mr. #Amitabh Bachchan) and asked him, if through technology it was possible to bring H.P Nanda alive and have him speak to us and the audience that does not know him, but can hear from him once again.  I am very thankful to him, who encouraged and helped me and the entire team at Escorts  to move forward with this thought.  It was because of him that #Shoojit Sircar, one of the most talented directors from the film industry and Executive Chairman & Creative Director, South Asia, Ogilvy Mr. Piyush Pandey became part of the project.  When we all discussed about bringing in the essence of the founder to the script, it was suggested that Mr. Bachchan will do a voice over, but as the project went into final scripting, Mr. Bachchan decided to come in front of the camera. Truly a blessing for us to have Mr. #Bachchan a part of the film!  The team Escorts and me are very thankful for his part of what is truly a historic moment.

The short film about Escorts, past, present and future will be released/shared  on the 9th of Jan 2017. A must see, this film has all the people from #Escorts along with our workers, senior leadership team and promoters and no actors! It’s as real as it gets!!!

As a tribute to our founder,  I am listing some of his achievements, which make us all proud. I am certain that we shall with his blessings and your support, together will continue to add some more to the list.

A legend who Ushered agriculture Revolution in India and founded one of the largest innovation Driven #Engineering Conglomerate

Awards & Achievement 

1956 – Youngest member nominated to the Board of Reserve Bank of India and concurrently to the board of Industrial development bank of India

1970 – Received the employer’s national award from president of India

1971 – Received the prestigious FICCI award for an outstanding contribution in agriculture by Mrs Indira Gandhi

1972 – President of Indo American Chambers of Commerce

1978 – Decorated with the German award – The great Cross of Merit

1980  – “Man of the year” cover story by India – Asia, a leading German magazine

1982 – Featured as one of the “Growth Kings” of India Industry India Today Magazine

1984  – Honoured by the Polish Government with the gold badge of the order of Merit

1984  -Selected Business man of the year by Business India magazine

1991  – Decorated by the French Government with the medal chavalier de la legion d ‘Honneur

#India will always remember this “ SON OF THE SOIL”

 Stay tuned to Escorts!

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