Go Out. Connect! or You Will be Disconnected!

Selfie with Customer Go Out. Connect! or You Will be Disconnected!

My recent trip to one of our #Northern markets was a pleasant surprise and a delightful experience to see good work that our #dealership is doing there.

Good practices always deliver great results and the intent of this blog is to touch upon one of them. Customer Centricity!

Why do people delegate to others to enquire about the customers pulse & insights?

Mr. #Nandan Nilekani told me very wisely “Nikhil, one third of your time has to be given to interact with your customers and don’t get busy for all the wrong reasons”. I ensure every month to visit my customers gathering their experiences and feedback to help us deliver the best to them. If others in the company, our dealer partners miss this customer connect, we all will lose out in the longer run.

Our dealers are the real face of Escorts, ambassador of trust and legacy, custodians of faith and value. They need to connect and meet the customers to extend the value and company’s promise of delivering the best.  This cannot be delegated!

So to all my dealer friends and employees at #Escorts, please ensure you take out time to go out of your offices because some of your most important meetings are not being scheduled by your assistant. Believe me, you will come back with valuable insights, views and learning.

I want Escorts to become the most trusted brand in the country and the only way to make this happen is to build an organization that gets out and meet with its customers!! There is no short cut and everyone who is reading this blog, yes you!! Go out and meet your customers because relationships are built directly with people.

We don’t delegate our managers to tell us how our kids and parents are thinking about us, do we?

#Customers are like God, we need to worship and shower them with our attention directly. I have full faith that you all will integrate customers in your schedules and share their feedback with us to collectively serve them better.

On this trip, I met a customer who was promised a certain deal and on the final day the deal was withdrawn. He went out and purchased a tractor from someone else and paid a lakh of rupees more and purchased a higher horse-power #tractor. The point here is that don’t lose trust with your customer!  Coz he paid much more and seeded seven more of other products to make his point… that he don’t want to be treated like this again.

I felt his pain, I apologized to him and made an offer to buy back the product to swap it with one of our new models which he was interested in… What’s my larger point here? Emotional connect, to build a relationship and more importantly to conduct business in a respectful manner is very important. I understand that it is not possible to do business with everyone, but be firm and respectful in a manner you don’t lose out on a customer who becomes a negative word of mouth because the most effective communication in any market is ‘Word of Mouth’.

80 % success of a company is based on the attitude it embeds in its people.

At the end, connect with your customers and they will serve you back by becoming your salesmen and your brand ambassadors.

Get #Customer Centric! God bless…

8 thoughts on “Go Out. Connect! or You Will be Disconnected!

  1. Bharat Chugh

    Dear Mr Nikhil Nanda
    I congratulate you for expressing your opinions through the blog.

    Also appreciate your openness in accepting that the customer broke the deal and bought another make/brand besides having to pay an additional amount of Rs 1 lac.

    It is good to have customer focus in your mind and actions….
    but does the organisation, including dealers’ team, act in line with your vision…Do you have a mechanism in reaching out an imbibing this to the last mile of your connectivity to customer?

    Yes or no matters.
    Is there a mechanism to check and measure the facts? Can you say with conviction backed with an effective process and hard data that your organisation (including dealers’) is implementing what is being said at the top??
    Best wishes.

  2. Rajesh Khanna

    Many companies do not take full advantage of their regular sessions with customers because they usually focus on growing the business at the expense of cutting costs. Customers can provide valuable cost saving ideas and their requirement/expectations from the product/brand , and they will be happy to do so because they also stand to benefit. They can provide different ideas, including the use of cheaper and qualitative items, streamlining the production process and eliminating wasted steps.Thnx for sharing sir..


    Hello Sir
    really humbled to see your approach towards overall value chain
    its rare to see such a senior figure making a point to reach out to the end in quest of making his org. to be customer friendly in true sense
    in old times good kings use to have secret rounds of the city or use to deploy intelligence for gathering information about well being of citizens
    now MNCs are like mini kingdoms, and if the Leader is ensuring such an approach, customers are bound to have excellent take away down the line
    Ethics and Values tipple from Top to Bottom, hence under good leadership the whole org. can change into ethical and a winning firm which Escorts used to stand for
    If we take Example of Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, he single handedly transformed the entire nation into economic powerhouse
    Leadership matters. However its best if we develop such an ecosystem that org. starts running on its own on growth path. Something mentioned as “The Flywheel Effect” in Jim Collins: Good to Great
    hopefully this great org. will start getting count soon among Nation Building Firms
    Best Regards

  4. lee

    Dear Sir,

    Truly agree with you,

    We had a customer who has got few old models of tractors of escorts and wanted to buy new one of Escorts only.
    Our good response could have connected well . this led him to buying a competitor one immediately at a cost higher than ours.
    Maybe some added respect or very minimal discounts to show that we are with them would have done the deal.

    Would like to know your approach for such old customers who come back again on that belief and how not to get them disappointed.

  5. Gulshan Kumar

    Respected Sir,

    No Company can survive without customer centricity in today’s competitive environment. I think we should engage some third party or empowered our salesmans/last man to bring exact & precise customer feedback in the form of problems / suggestions so that we can improve our product range in a efficient and productive way and deliver products as per market needs. you are right that satisfied customer is a great salesman for any organisation. Why are we not thinking to advertise our products in Television like other products Cars etc. as this will generate a more pride sense in existing Customers and will help to make new customers.

    I am feeling pride as an employee with Escorts Ltd.

    With Regards,
    Gulshan Kumar


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