From Pain to Possibilities

NIKHIL 1024x717 From Pain to PossibilitiesPain is a signal of change. We need to understand and infer it in a way to bring about the correct message for us. I have always used it as a positive aspect to learn from and embrace it to bring about a positive change. Once we put the correct actions as required in place, then it starts to disappear.

Pain is the starting point even in business to assure the path to success by asking the most fundamental question “what are the pain points of our customers today”. Before responding to create a niche or developing the next generation products we must know what pain points or solutions it brings to the market place. We often ask, “what’s in it for the customers?”

As an example to the above, I was recently reading a very interesting book on future innovation and in one of their thoughts they talked about an incredible solution via a thought of “smart clothes” which is likely to come in the near future.

Smart clothes basically is equipped with sensors built onto your apparels, which interacts with our future washing machine, so basically when we throw our clothes to wash, the washing machine will not only filter but will automatically know what temperature and duration to wash your clothes without any manual feeding onto the machine. So it removes all human intervention by using sensors and internet of things to make our life a lot easier.

Technology is an enabler, but the basic aspect of success even in the future is to know, what pain are we addressing!

There are numerous examples like the above across different product lines, from cars to applications which are starting to embrace cognitive elements to bring about many solutions for us. Even tractors of the future will have a lot more smart solutions which will be offered… A smart tractor, will have abilities beyond ones imagination to offer increasing possibility to connect with your farms and implements, using techniques to collaborate with Satellite to get images to know where exactly to drop the seed based on the perfect arable condition of your soil and have implements to do their work, based on this data intellect in a most collaborative manner.

We at Escorts launched India first concept of an autonomous tractor along with our partners.. yes in the near future, imagine a driver-less tractor doing all the farming for you! I call this concept “An autonomous farming” because a tractor being autonomous by itself is meaningless… we along with our partners are working to bring you all the equipment along with a tractor, which will work in a uniform manner to bring about a transformative farming experience. we recently showcased this possibility as a concept in our recently held innovation event called the ESCLUSIVE 2018.

Autonomous farming will address many pain points of productivity, quality, low profitability, improve cycle times for our crops, lack of availability of manual labor, precision farming amongst many other things.

So in the nutshell look for pain and don’t run away from it, because this is our opportunity of possibilities of success for both business and personal growth.

Writing this blog for you to apply these techniques in your businesses and also in your personal life, because all the pain points in your personal life too are your calling for actions which will in turn bring tremendous possibilities of amazing growth. Use pain to propel in life!

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “From Pain to Possibilities

  1. Santosh Kumar Rai

    Dear Sir,

    We can do a lot with technology now days in Agri/Farm domain …. i am happy that you are using this all in our basic industry . just think of using Agri Robot and block chain based full value chain from field to big firms … we can do a lot in this and will be beneficial farmer .



  2. Subrat Mishra

    Rightly said, innovation in tractors are far behind. All are focusing on Cars. Many new ideas can be built like, automatic transmission, AC cabin, Alternative fuels, Solar Energy to complement the Engine to reduce fuel consumption etc.
    The main issue is not compiling the pain points but to get the authentic pain points from farmers. Many a time the real pain points get diluted in escalated power point presentations. A team of Customer ( Farmer) insight should be empowered and listened to to get ahead of competition.


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