Engineering the Fundamentals of Growth #IndiaWeAreReady

The new campaign at Escorts ltd, talks about Engineering the fundamentals of growth. The momentum is getting built by all our leaders  in the company. These talents are working to realize their and the company’s objective to make our company one of the most admired #engineering companies in India and offer the innovation excellence globally.
A company can not just get to the top unless and until the people who make the company also engineer their inner goals to that of the company. A company and the people’s journey are really the same.  For me this growth story is about the growth for our customers and our partners and all those who are connected to #Escorts ltd. This is about making a difference in the way we do things each day in our lives.
This is about the fundamentals of growth of our nation and  we extend a warm welcome to all those who choose to partner with us, to be part of this new energy. I am leaving you with a link to our #TV commercial along with the hoardings which are being showcased across the country today. Click on the picture to see it.
India we are ready Engineering the Fundamentals of Growth #IndiaWeAreReady
There is only one way from here and that is all the way to the top.
Those who want to head to the top,  join or partner with us.
God bless!

One thought on “Engineering the Fundamentals of Growth #IndiaWeAreReady

  1. Rishabh Agarwal

    Dear Sir
    thank you for sharing this blog
    few days back I saw ad of Escorts on TV, and I really felt excited to see my ex company doing such good
    I always felt this inside me when I was in Escorts why we don’t air TV ads, at least sometimes, to have more visibility
    Escorts is such a great brand and I agree it doesn’t needs any marketing, however it appears good to see the company ad on tv once in a while,
    with “Make in India” thrust by the Govt., Escorts stands as a torch bearer to lot many ancillaries which Escorts traditionally had been into this role to all Fbd suppliers
    I sincerely wish to find this great organization in Fortune List in near future
    Rishabh Agarwal


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