Don’t Let Anyone Dirty Your Windscreen!

Storm post Don’t Let Anyone Dirty Your Windscreen!

Driven before??

#Driving in a storm you need to keep your wind screen vipers on, so that the water and mud that gets thrown into your car is removed.

In real life too we all go through storms,  I call them the people storms… These storms come at us with all the #negativity and tactics people use to puncture you. The human storms are difficult to forecast unlike the nature storms,  that’s because most people now a days wear masks and we seldom get to see the real face behind that mask.

In today’s times, people are at war with people, and their conscious level from where they operate is at its lowest level. This lowness causes a lot of rift and gets our society to function in a destructive manner.

In a real war, people use bullets… in peoples war it’s all about self interest and greed to succeed at all cost even if it means you have to paying that bill.

Going back when I was a kid, I remember spending my holidays in #Mumbai with my grandparents and one night I was asleep and was woken up by a house helper, my granddad had asked for me (the late #RajKapoor), I went down to his room and the conversation that we had that night is something that I remember till date. I was only twelve years old and perhaps too young to understand many advice he had for me that night,  but as I grew older, they became my guiding light.

I recall asking him “How does one become a good actor?” and he smiled and looked at me and said “Its important that one is a good human being and if you are, then the essence of that goodness will come out, coz the camera has the ability to capture it”

I was amazed with his answers….  Today when I reflect back, I think does it also apply to the corporate sector ?

Don’t mistake goodness with softness…..

Our windscreen has its challenges of all kinds of storms , yes the body of the car representing our mental and physical strength to sustain and come out stronger.

 The deeper point being the driver of the car (representing our intent)

This is the choice we all make in life, to either operate from goodness or with bad intentions. The world which is the camera, will at the end capture your choice in what ever profession you choose to operate…..

#Storm is not a choice, but the intent with which we go through it, is!

Good luck…

3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Anyone Dirty Your Windscreen!

  1. ashim

    So true! one needs to constantly wipe the windscreen in todays scenario.
    But lifes challenges can probably be better circumvented with communication, teamwork and sharing of intent, to win over unnecessary complications which thwart our good intentions, simply because of lack of comprehending true targets and goals. Goals that are for the common good!
    Success should come for ALL for the good of humanity as a whole!

  2. Rishabh Agarwal

    hello sir, nice blog,
    rightly said, over the years of my experience I believe that goodness of a person comes over his face with time, same applies with shrewdness, (though its difficult to say its 100%.. might be clever people can camouflage..),
    its an interesting analogy to link cars in storm with human beings’ struggle with outer world (even I also once wrote a blog that how cars speed on roads is analogically linked with the economy and business environment of any country)
    best regards

  3. Vikas Seth

    Nikhil ji, greetings of the hour, thanks for sharing such brilliant insights of your maternal Grandfather the wonderful , magnanimous Shri Raj Kapoor Ji. i am believing that our mind is a magnet and whatever we are thinking dreaming , we are attracting. so if i am thinking and applying for success, and harmony that is what i am going to attract.

    i may need to confront the storm ( People ) to transform the situation. (right now)

    with warm regards,
    a dilliwalla Vikas Seth
    Civil-Lines, Delhi.


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