Bloom Where You’re Planted

unnamed Bloom Where Youre Planted

Have you heard of a tree called the Chinese Bamboo tree?

For the first four years the tree does not grow and then, it grows nearly to ninety feet in just six weeks.

For the first four years, it resides inside the ground and builds its foundation and takes in all the nourishment.

Today, when I look for people inside the company or people who want to be part of the company, their character should reflect that of bamboo tree. Character that knows how to build a foundation to reach the heights of a #skyscraper. There are no short cuts in the effort to building a foundation, for the fruits of labour requires focus and discipline.

Once we see a forest full of #bamboo trees (companies that showcase grand success stories around the world) and only if others had known that once it was a barren land and it took a lot of labour to see this dense forest today, which everyone wants to be a part of. #Success comes in its own time!

Men who look for bamboo trees from the outside are those who see companies or people who have risen to great heights and then want to be part of that world. Nothing wrong with it, but were they part of the success story? No they were not …… Do they want be part of it now ? Ya sure they do… but it took a seed of a bamboo character to grow the company to its size today …..

Then there are people who are a bamboo tree by nature from within, who know and believe in their potential and have the ability to realise both their own and companies goals.

I am often asked by recruitment heads in general – are you attracting good talent or retaining good talent in the company?

My answer is simple, ” We want people who have the ability to stand tall and don’t get blown away by storms! The ones who do, were never meant to be in your forest and the ones who survive it, end up becoming your bamboo trees for the company”

So when you’re planning to grow a forest, don’t end up buying seeds of cactus but instead of trees that I am talking  about. We want to build a forest full of leaders (our bamboo trees) and not managers who fear the unknown (#cactus) .

I welcome people around me, who have this confidence and are willing to walk shoulder to shoulder and help us build our company into a #blue-chip company…

So when I am asked are you willing to pay well? My question is “Are you willing to perform? If yes, then I am willing to water and nurture talent that will grow into a ninety feet tall tree”.

Invest into your seeds wisely because you want a #Chinese-bamboo tree and not a Chinese cactus.
God bless …

6 thoughts on “Bloom Where You’re Planted

  1. Gaurav Thakur

    Well said sir ,
    Its true….
    “Knowledge Is A Seed
    Mind Should Be Fertile”

    A humble request to keep us (Young Talent) in organization nourshing with your thoughts and care.
    You Rock###.


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