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Yesterday, I had a wonderful visit to one of our largest dealerships in India, wherein I experienced an amazing style of management which is truly unique and I felt that I must share this story to spread and inspire the rest of us.

Running a dealership requires time, attention, processes, hard work etc., like any other business does.  We need to prioritise our time wisely and profitably as someone once told me “Nikhil – watch out, don’t get busy for all the wrong reasons, but only for the right ones”.

This dealership for me is my role model where a husband and wife team showcases true partnership spirit in ways which I have not seen in India before. When my #CEO and self visited their office, I noticed that there were two chairs on the other side of the table, one for the wife and the other for the husband.

The wife in this set up is in-charge of the entire operation, its day to day running and thus allowing her husband to do the most important job.

Can you all guess, what that job is??

It is to allow him to attend and take care of the customers at all times. 

While she is busy running the dealership, the husband gets out in the field not worrying about any backend issues (like #NASA space station in Houston taking care of all the issues at ground, while the #astronauts just focus on their assignment).

This also reminds me of our dealer conference held last year, in which we had asked our top dealer partners to bring along their spouses for the conference. At the end of the event, my CEO put up a question to all the dealers – “Do you know why did the company decide to invite the spouses?”

Everyone started to guess by saying, that we wanted to combine work along with a leisure trip.  No one really gave the correct answer and the CEO then explained the reason by telling them – “That we have asked your spouse to join you so that they can also understand the business modalities and participate actively in your business so that each one of you can get out of your offices to cater to the customers and meet their requirements”.

Yesterday, what I witnessed was the same spirit!

I did not realize, what my CEO asked for then, would be seen in real life so quickly. I feel very proud to share this with you and what’s wonderful is that #Escorts ltd. is showcasing a work style trend, which is truly unique in India or perhaps in the world.

I sincerely hope that our channel partners take the right message from what’s written above. It would not only lead to better work management but would also help in giving a sense of pride to the spouses who will feel empowered in taking #business decisions. And if you cannot involve your better half in your business then hire someone who can help you create time for the most important people – YOUR CUSTOMERS!

I too, very consciously take out time to meet with our customers and remind myself very humbly that I must get out and get first hand information myself.  I am following the advice given to me – “get busy for the real and right reasons” and as such I ensure to give my time to those who are the very reason for our existence.

A food for thought!

Its time that you look for managing partner at home. Good luck !

3 thoughts on “A True Partnership

  1. RAKESH Khanna

    Very good, Nikhil. Now I understood why people say ‘history repeats’. I remember in of the vaccination campaign at Escorts Hospital at Faridabad , Late Mr. Rajan Nanda in presence of your mother ( a rare occasion)echoed the similar views. Great ? Nikhil. Please keep it up the spirit. Thanks

  2. Vinay Mehta

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. In reality our wives also manage our home enabling us to go out and work.


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