The New World Awaits Us!

BLOG The New World Awaits Us!


Across the world, we have seen some transformational changes in cities, our infrastructures and now we hear about government giving a cut- off date to support the era for #electricCcars on roads with infrastructural support to ensure this change over. The internet users growing to over five billion people by 2020, unbelievably lets us imagine the world which is truly connected.

These trends will bring about enormous changes in the way we do things today- speed for everything will change drastically, from product development cycles, to an organisation structure of today which is so  linear in its thinking to exponential design and adaptability to keep pace with the world of tomorrow, backed by conversations and knowledge which intelligently will be available to all those who know how to tap on it!

The world of tomorrow backed by powerful technology and speed to create exponential changes will amaze all of us!

The big data and technology backed by algorithms will clear the way of doing things in a quicker and a smarter way!

The nano technology will create possibilities for virtual streaming of information! The autonomous cars will thrive from their streaming!

It’s fascinating and scary to think that every part of our behaviour and actions will be computed by data, through various technologies which will stream back our actions of the physical world into a virtual one and will allow algorithms to predict and showcase what we want from mere tapping into our thought!

The #Moore’s law which speaks about doubling everything we think about in today’s context will make this possible to grow it by 10x or what ever be your goal target, the limitation will shift from ability to audacious and exciting purpose.

The organisation of today which operates in the way it does, the matrix or the pyramid reporting  will soon become traditional ways , suddenly we will have new lingo of digital communities etc. the future will be more flexible, combination of tech and people will stream and contribute through platforms that will learn and speak to one another.

I am writing this blog today, because I want us to think and speak about these changes and create platforms where we speak openly about these new trends! It’s important that we embrace and walk hand in hand. I want us all to think and create platforms where we can start discussing about these changes and have access to information in ways that the western world is doing- they are simply stating to discuss these issues very openly. I think we should do too!

We must help one another and the future is about conversing and talking and not thinking in a linear way.

I hope if any one reading starts a discussing forum, I would love to know more about it.

Even we can learn from the young, new start-up companies. The new kids on the blocks are commanding multi-billion dollar valuations, growing in ways that no one ever thought that they could! They represent the culture of the world that awaits us in the future – their thinking are voices to the world of the change and new ways! We all know that #AirBNB’s valuation are in excess of some leading hotels chains! And that too without any ownership of any major assets. Wow!!

Let’s reflect and start a dialogue in India, on ways that will help us to tap the future opportunity and I want all of us to do this together and not alone.

I am waiting to hear from you! Let’s begin……

God bless!!

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